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Overbearing CEO Falls in Love With Me

Overbearing CEO Falls in Love With Me



Author : Qiao Ran

Publisher : babelnovel


In order to save her mother, she had no choice but to make a sky-high deal with the mysterious man. Five years later, she returned as a rookie performer. However, he was trapped in the car and threatened to not take a step closer to his son. Otherwise, he wouldn't mind leaving her without a blade of grass growing on her grave! She avoided him, but she kept crashing into him. Afterwards, he held her in his arms and questioned her with cold eyes: "Once was a coincidence, and twice was a coincidence. Ye Wanqing, how do you explain this time?" She raised her head with a bright smile, "This time, it's my plan." He thought she was plotting something in his heart, thinking it was the identity of the Mrs. Gu. But when he willingly stepped into her plans, he discovered that she was concealing an earth-shattering secret. "Ye Wanqing, how do you want to die?" "Mr. Employer, is there any probation?" "What do you think?" It was said that marriage was the tomb of love, Ye Wanqing's love, born in a trade, died in deception, buried in Gu Jinyuan. Gu Jinyuan: The grave is already dug up, why aren't you coming in? Ye Wanqing: → _ →