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Overbearing Husband Dotes His Wife

Overbearing Husband Dotes His Wife

Modern Romance


Author : Chu Xue Nuan Xin

Publisher : babelnovel


He was the only one who doted on her. There was nothing she could not think of and nothing he could not give. An Ruoqiu was betrayed by her boyfriend and sent to the stranger's bed by Xiao San. Unexpectedly, the stranger turned out to be the cousin of her ex-boyfriend. After a night of passion, Li Chenyu half-narrowed her eyes, her deep eyes were full of arrogance: "You will be responsible to me if you sleep with me." "I am a girl, and the one who is at a disadvantage is me." "Then I will be responsible to you." A few hours later, Li Chenyu brought An Ruoqiu out of the Civil Administration Bureau. An Ruqiu continued to have a stupefied look on her face. "She's turned into a young woman just like that?" After marriage, Li Chenyu pampered her wife and led a happy and happy life. His ex-boyfriend regretted it, while Little San was jealous and envious. The tyrannical husband did not forget to help the delicate wife torture the mistress and the scum man when he was pampering his wife.