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Pampered Adorable Wife

Pampered Adorable Wife

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


On a night of confusion and humiliation, she had planted two seeds in her stomach. In order to avoid his powerful forces, she had gone abroad to hide. "Five years later, when she returned home, her son and her father met her for the first time in the washroom." Uncle, your little brother is so big! " "He blinked his big eyes as he stared curiously at Ding Ding." Ugh … "You'll grow up in the future as well..." This was the first time he felt embarrassed in front of a child. "Dragon and Phoenix Birth's daughter met her father for the first time in a supermarket." Uncle, your condom dropped. Auntie Ya said that the boy with the condom is a hooligan. " "She held a box of condoms in her hand and looked at him curiously." Ugh … "This is not my uncle's …" Five years later, when he learned that he had a pair of children, he began to chase after her. "Han Mu, what exactly do you want? Other than children, I can give you anything else!" She broke down and wouldn't let go of the child. Han Mu Xie smiled charmingly as he pulled her into his embrace, "Wife and child, hold them with one hand!" Join Collection