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Pampering Young Master Wen

Pampering Young Master Wen

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


"Wu ~ I want to hug you!" "Don't bother, I'm busy!" The woman sat upright with her laptop in her arms. The man wore a white shirt with the collar slightly open, revealing his enchanting neck. His face was supported by his hand, and his eyes sparkled. "Hello, it's my file. It hasn't been saved yet." The handsome and helpless man emitting a noble aura from his entire body pretended to be slightly angry as he turned his head to the side, looking extremely wronged. He was the president of the multinational group, Young Master Wen, unattainable, abstinent, and also An Bai's first love boyfriend. Her silent news from three years ago had caused the cheerful him, who had just opened his heart, to fall into despair. His personality had changed, and he harbored a grudge against her. She, with her ordinary identity and ordinary birth, was able to catch up with the man with her thick tongue and thick skin. During her university years, she fell in love with him. After her sudden disappearance, she inadvertently found out about her background and returned to investigate. The two of them unexpectedly reunited, and the mystery of their long delayed meeting surfaced little by little. Join Collection