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Peasant Hot Wife

Peasant Hot Wife

Historical Romance


Author : Yue Ling Long

Publisher : babelnovel


Tian Xiaomeng, the only daughter of Fang Zhongtian in the village, crossed over to the other side of the mountain to gather herbs for her father. When he saw Tian Xiaomeng, he realized what kind of a woman she was. He was like a female bandit when he was crazy, and a female general when he was bold and knowledgeable. If he was smart, he might not even be comparable to the top scholar of the imperial court. There was only one downside to such a woman. Nothing but money. I heard that the Tian Clan only has two requests for a son-in-law. One is to grow a farm, and the other is to earn money. Su Yuzhan loaded a pile of silver notes into a pile and picked up a hoe. He was going to recommend himself to join the family.