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Peasant Princess and Hen-pecked Prince

Peasant Princess and Hen-pecked Prince



Author : Liu Li Min Yue

Publisher : babelnovel


Wanqing, who accidentally transmigrated to become a peasant girl, was not willing to live a life where he was not full nor dressed warmly, and even brought his younger brother who was bullied, to live a life, where they split up the family using strategies and Mu Family. Her previous life's knowledge and Ancient Martial Arts techniques allowed her to quickly become rich, buying land to buy mountains, and yet, it attracted the provocation of a large clan of Mu Family. Mu Family Member is courting death, then why would Wanqing be courteous? The left was an eccentric, the right was a scum, and the wind was blowing and the water was flowing. However, Mo Yichen's appearance had completely destroyed her life, and her following life could be said to be one filled with ups and downs. And to see how Wanqing would conquer these stubborn ancients, and how he would conquer the Overlord Man to become a loyal dog. Life is beautiful, beautiful as the sun.