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Peerless Female Bandit: Carry A Husband Home

Peerless Female Bandit: Carry A Husband Home

Fantasy Romance


Author : a li

Publisher : babelnovel


Yue Ying was originally a CEO who had made her name known for her accomplishments, but she was pushed down the stairs by someone who didn't want to be treated like a mistress. However, bandits also had their own benefits. He could just snatch back the pretty boy that they took a fancy to. "Give birth to my son! "Much, much more!" Tie Yi smiled. "Then I'm not a sow?" "At least twenty!" Yue Ying furrowed her brows. "One is good, two is good, why is there so much trouble?" Iron Yi's face darkened. "I'm the only son of the Iron family in this generation, but there are still eight more to be passed on. Two for each family, two for each old lady!" Yue Ying was flustered …