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Phoenix Wanders

Phoenix Wanders

Historical Romance


Author : zhenyinfang

Publisher : babelnovel


Feng Yueya is a woman unlike a woman. She has a very naughty disposition. She not only knows Kung Fu, but also doesn't get close to her in everything a lady does. Fengyueya's favorite everyday is to escape from Fengfu under layers of siege, and then run to fengtiancheng to play everywhere. Every time she succeeds, Feng Yueya's courage grows stronger and stronger. However, one day, she meets a person who is destined to change her life. Since then, will Feng Yueya change her personality? Or start her legendary experience? Gong Ming is not like a prince, but he is a prince indeed. Every day he wandered in the Jianghu, he never thought that one day he would meet such a strange woman. Although this woman does not look like a great girl at all, Gong Ming's vision could not be moved since he met her. A doomed encounter, what wonderful story will happen between them?