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Pigeon Pair, CEO's Burning Love

Pigeon Pair, CEO's Burning Love



Author : Qiao Luo Bai

Publisher : babelnovel


Tang Guoguo was pregnant. Baby's dad was a cool CEO who especially despised her. The first words they said were: "Woman, give birth to your child and take the money to leave." She moved into a man's house to get a baby, and every day she was trembling with fear. In the end, the CEO wasn't in the right mood. The first day, come over, the husband hugs. The next day, come over. On the third day … Later, Tang Guoguo lay paralyzed on the bed, powerless to retort: "What happened to the money?" The man chuckled in her ear. "Who said he wanted me?" Tang Guoguo: "No, get lost!" The man snapped his fingers, and a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses cried out, "Mommy will choose daddy! "We have as much money as we want!"