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Pill Sovereign with the Divine Sword

Pill Sovereign with the Divine Sword



Author : qi lian xue

Publisher : babelnovel


Lin Yun was the hope and pride of their family, and everyone was looking forward to his glorious return and becoming a great person who can shelter the family from the disaster. However, he was framed by a treacherous person returned home with serious injuries, and was scorned and abused by the family who once loved him. Soon, Lin Yun recovered his skills, which surprised people who once looked down on him. The matter was not over yet, Lin Yun had to practice further, until the people who had hurt him had paid the price. ☆About the Author☆ Qi Lianxue, a new internet novelist, has attracted a lot of attention for his new work "Pill Sovereign with the Divine Sword". The plot of this novel is fascinating, the language is easy to understand, and it is popular with most people.