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Post-mortem Examiner Esoterica

Post-mortem Examiner Esoterica



Author : Zhao Ban Xian

Publisher : babelnovel


My house is made up of 32 generations of green hats, left behind a secret craftsmanship, opened the list of evildoers, led to Yinyang Road's free books, the city opened its mouth, there is no taboo, the dead rose up, see rich. Why did the dead girl have gold hidden in her belly? Wearing red clothes, how could her corpse speak human language when it had stiffened in the middle of the night? Three large seals and a piece of yellow paper; the body could not be broken. One by one, the undead truths hidden beneath the corpses would be unraveled from my hands. Wealth is in the sky, life and death cannot be decided by fate. What one sees is the skin, and what one cannot see is the soul.