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Prime Minister's Illegitimate Daughter

Prime Minister's Illegitimate Daughter

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


He had a noble identity, an overweeningly arrogant, demonically handsome appearance, and a dark heart concealed beneath his frivolous appearance. He had unintentionally done something boring and met someone who wanted to pamper him for his entire life. She, a concubine from the Residence of General, whose birth mother had died prematurely, whose otherworldly soul was graceful and delicate, had met a great scoundrel just for her sake. Despite her enchanting appearance, her sixth sense told her that this person was a big problem and it would be best for her to leave. Mo Qingchen, can you please stay away from me? " Chu Mengli held onto her waist, her face filled with anger. Mo Qingchen took a small step back and asked carefully, "Is it a long journey?" Chu Mengli's face darkened, "Move further, so far that I can't see you." Mo Qingchen smilingly said, "Then Li'er, turn around. You won't be able to see me with your back facing me." I can protect you from behind … " Chu Mengli "…" You shameless Mo Qingchen …. Join Collection