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Prince Charming's Exclusive Love

Prince Charming's Exclusive Love

Modern Romance


Author : Jian Jian Yi Wei Yu

Publisher : babelnovel


Xia Chuyue came back to life after dying and returned back to his prime. This year was the first year she had stepped into the Entertainment Circle. All of her schemes and tricks had yet to begin and she was still that pure and clean Xia Chuyue! A vicious stepmother, a cold and merciless father, a vicious and cruel sister, and a husband with the face of a beast with a human's heart. She would return the pain that they brought upon her a hundredfold! Lu Yuchen gently embraced the woman in her arms, but her tone was extremely tyrannical: "Leave all of this to me! "Woman, you just need to obediently stay by my side and be pampered by me!"