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Prince, Do You Still Need a Prisoner

Prince, Do You Still Need a Prisoner

Fantasy Romance


Author : cha cha

Publisher : babelnovel


She, who had been transported to a different world, had an extremely good life and directly became the queen of a nation with women's rights. She had seventy-two concubines in the Three Palaces and Six Palaces and was extremely elegant and unrestrained … However, she was only handsome for two seconds. In the blink of an eye, she had become the ruler of a nation that had perished! Allegedly, the enemy kingdom's evildoer would kill without batting an eye … Yet, she was alive and kicking. It was said that the prisoners of war would end up miserable, but she was a beauty, and her mouth was full of oil. "Won't you wipe the corners of your mouth?" The beauty had a helpless look on her face as she used a handkerchief to wipe away the bits of meat around the corner of her mouth. She looked at the chicken leg in her hands and smiled even more charmingly. It was said that even the ruler of a country of death found it difficult to avoid these types of situations: taking poison, taking medicine, cutting off one's neck, and killing him! However, why did that certain prince, who was in charge of her life and death, throw her onto the bed? What else could he say to make her give birth to a monkey for him? No! A warrior could be killed but not humiliated! However, in the end, Ao Jiao was still pushed to the side by his powerful attack. She shouted out the slogan of "Ya Lai Die" every night, and lived a happy life of hugging two people a year and hugging three people for three years!