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Prince Lost His Memory Again

Prince Lost His Memory Again

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Why was he on the subway? No Taoist has come to help me pull my soul back? "What should we do?" God, give me a little Taoist, give me a Yang! " What? No little Taoist!? A prince had arrived. As long as you can help me return the favor, regardless of whether it is the prince or the old master, they are both my lords! The Prince said, "It is This King's fault that you still have the strength to speak!" The prince said, "You dare to say that This King is impudent, then This King will be impudent for you to see!" The Prince: "You say This King is shameless? "There is an even more shameless one, I will let you experience it now!" "Becoming an imperial concubine and a royal concubine is really my fortune in this era!" "You said that I'm not ashamed, yet you, a young servant, forcefully kiss your client?" The emperors of the world are all ruthless, cold and indifferent people! " "I don't know what it means to love you. Since I'm unwilling to give up on you, I have no choice but to kill you." So what if you are enemies with the people of this world? I will kill everyone in the world for you without any hesitation. " End] Join Collection