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Qing Cang Continent

Qing Cang Continent



Author : Yi Luo De Ying Zi

Publisher : babelnovel


Young Qin Lang, a small mountain villager. Because of an accident, he embarked on a journey to search for the Azure Sky Continent. The path of cultivation, accompanied by beautiful women, the path of the heart, indomitable advance! One day, I will definitely ensure that there will be no more wars in the Heavenly Star Continent! One day, I will make sure that all the races of the moonlight coexist peacefully! One day, I will be able to go to the Azure Sky and take a look at the stars! One day, I will definitely make this harem more and more … Cough cough, I've been exposed … A man of honor must do what he says; One careless girl falling in love with all the other girls; Enter the owner of the thousand lives of the moon to leave a name; Finally, it reached the everlasting azure sky! Fighting against the Heavens, fighting against the Earth, fighting against people … these things were incredibly enjoyable!