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Rebirth As Richest Lady: Coddle Regent

Rebirth As Richest Lady: Coddle Regent

Historical Romance


Author : Wen Liu

Publisher : babelnovel


The youth, Xie Heng, killed like a fool and was vicious and merciless.The entire imperial court was trembling in fear as they begged the gods to accept this little underworld king. Until midnight.Someone saw Xie Xiaoyan shut the door behind him, his head lowered as he coaxed the person inside. "Ah Jiu, good boy. Open the door. This father will kneel down in front of your abacus when I get home!" A moment later, the door opened. The girl pressed him against the wall and kissed him. "Be good, brother, and I'll buy you a street!" Little Hades lowered his eyebrows and smiled, showing no signs of temper. From top to bottom, the court was in shock: which immortal had descended to the mortal world? You've worked hard! … …. The female lead had been reborn to become fifteen years old, and was sold to the Xie Clan for joy, becoming his little sister-in-law. What I have to do every day: Hold down my brother! Warm Wine said, "It's not good to chop people. Let's change our hobbies." Later, on the night of the wedding. Xie Xiaotian tied up the bridegroom and handed her a knife. "After this stab, your father will marry you!"