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Rebirth: CEO, Love Slowly

Rebirth: CEO, Love Slowly



Author : Yin Shuangyu

Publisher : babelnovel


Little Ni, you spent your entire life in love in exchange for a carefully crafted plan, causing your entire family to become victims of a conspiracy. Before she died, she swore that if there was an afterlife, she would definitely repay this hatred a thousand times over! However... She had truly survived another rebirth. From then on, she abused the scum of men, abused her stepsister, and cut through the thorns on the path of revenge. But, Miss Jiang still had another important identity, and that was Madam Han. "Then, when CEO Han was fine, the only flaw was … the Wife Winding Berserk Demon!" "My wife, I've missed you!" "Wife, kiss me!" Wife, I want to go to bed! "