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Rebirth: Emperor, Long Time No See

Rebirth: Emperor, Long Time No See

Fantasy Romance


Author : Zai Xiaoqingcheng

Publisher : babelnovel


"Yes!" As long as he becomes the Empress, Qing Er will be by Big Brother Emperor's side everyday. " With the feelings of a young lady, Dongfang Ziqing became the empress of Xuanyuan Kingdom. Originally, she was a proud daughter of heaven, but after three short years of happiness, she had a painful taste of the purgatory in the human world! "Power and subject should not be linked together. Dongfang Family, would definitely pay the price for these two words! "That includes …" The young Monarch's brows furrowed slightly, but under Dongfang Ziqing's clear laughter, he relaxed and gently called out. "Qing Er, the pool is dangerous, come to our side." One was a naive and innocent girl, the other was an experienced young lord with a black stomach. This love is destined to lose on the motto: Since it is shallow, how can love deep! Many years later, when Dongfang Ziqing finally understood this logic, they … "But all that was left was a bloody hatred!"