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Rebirth: Never Live Up to You

Rebirth: Never Live Up to You

Modern Romance


Author : jiu qing jun

Publisher : babelnovel


There were three kinds of people in this world: men and women, and lunatics like Chi Yinan. Unfortunately, not only did Su Wenjin provoke this lunatic, he even married him. One night before the wedding, Chi Yinan lifted the quilt and gazed at the woman's belly with a burning gaze. "Warmth, you haven't exercised for a long time." Su Wenjin raised his head, touched his belly and pursed his lips, "Meat is warmer in winter." Chi Yinan was not moved at all. He leaned over and said, "Why don't you let me help you reduce it?" Su Wenjin's eyes narrowed as he leaned his body back. Chi Yinan narrowed his eyes and took a step forward without any sense of integrity.