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Rebirth of Vengeful Beauty

Rebirth of Vengeful Beauty

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Lolita, Queen's Heart, she was the golden daughter of the prime minister; her family hated her, and in her previous life she was the supreme queen of the phoenix that looked down upon the world; in her previous life — she had given her innocence and innocence in exchange for his heartless betrayal, and her family had perished; in this world — she had prepared for the rain, given birth to a new life, and vowed to protect her family's honor; Duanmu Jue, a name that intertwined love and hatred, a man who had been reincarnated to be her husband for two lifetimes. Murong Yanchang, the center of a storm of politics, power, and palace fights. She was a woman who turned the world around with her courage, intelligence, and beauty. Join Collection