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Rebirth: The Abandoned Cultivator

Rebirth: The Abandoned Cultivator



Publisher : babelnovel


AFTER BEING FORCED TO LEAVE,HE WORKED HARD TO IMPROVE HIMSELF AND RETURNED AGAIN.CAN HE HANDLE THE CHAOS THAT ONCE LEFT? Ye Tian was framed by a love rival and nearly killed. Fortunately, he was rescued by a master who passed by the earth. He followed the master to another planet and worshiped the master as a teacher. On this planet, people respect martial arts and Ye Tian practiced martial arts as also. Unexpectedly, in the process of practicing, an accident occurred. He returned to the earth in an instant. The year he was eighteen years old ... At this time, he has to face the love rival who hated him, the girl he loves deeply, and those family who abandoned him ... With experience on another planet, his mind and character have been tempered. How should he deal with all this now when he is more mature? ☆About the Author☆ Jun Yan Wei Gai, an excellent online novelist. He has rich creative experience and superb writing ability. He has authored many novels. His novels are welcomed by everyone for his rich storyline.