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Rebirth: The Magic Doctor Girl

Rebirth: The Magic Doctor Girl

Historical Romance


Author : Xiao Xiao Mu Tong

Publisher : babelnovel


The modern medicine girl, reborn as an ancient daughter, father does not hurt, mother died long ago, bearing the title of a direct daughter, under the bullying of the aunt. She vowed to use her medical skills to create a world of her own, to escape the fate of an ancient woman living in dependence on a man. Open the chest, reattach the limbs and bone, breathe, cut the throat to give oxygen, inject and inject … With her astonishing medical skills, she began a new era for doctors. A son of a noble family, a young master of an aristocratic family. One miss, one lifetime of regret. Even though the drizzling cold wind had been shivering for a long time, when she suddenly looked back, the person who loved her the most had actually always been behind her.