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Reborn As an 80’s Coddled Girl

Reborn As an 80’s Coddled Girl

Modern Romance


Author : Mu Mian

Publisher : babelnovel


Wake up and find herself fat and ugly? It's okay, because she has a strong heart and perseverance to make herself better. In the dream, everyone was blaming that she should not fall in love with that excellent boy. A person as fat and ugly as she is not worthy of love. She was very panicked and angry, but at the same time confused, she was thin and beautiful. Why is everyone saying she is ugly? When she woke up, she looked at her fat and ugly body and her unfamiliar parents, she realized that she had traveled through time and space in the dream to the 1980s, and she had become completely different from her beautiful self! Fortunately, there are parents who love her. With the care and encouragement of her parents, she decided to lose weight and become beautiful, then worked hard to earn money. Such a girl who loves life and kind, she began to become the girl that boys dream of. ☆About the Author☆ Mu Mian, an excellent online novelist, her novels are fresh and cute, the stories are cleverly conceived, the perspectives are unique, and they are highly readable.