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Recycle System Upgrades Instantly

Recycle System Upgrades Instantly



Author : Bi Xia San Jin

Publisher : babelnovel


Beep! Beep! One body of the Primordial Tyrant Dragon can be recycled for 1000000 points, do you want to recover it? " "Recycling!" Beep! Beep! You have used 100,000 points of strengthening points, your cultivation realm has started to rise, 1-star... 2-star... 3-star... " "You used 100,000 points for the Lottery!" "Obtained transcendent divine might – [Nine Yang Divine Technique]!" "Obtaining the Ancient Battle Defeating Buddha Divine Weapon — — Ruyi Jingu Bang!" "I have obtained a top-grade heaven-step martial skill, [Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms]!" "I obtained an ancient mythical beast — White Tiger!" “……” In his previous life, Su Ba, the grandmaster of martial arts who was unrivaled throughout the world, had accidentally crossed over to another world and set himself to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts. With the System in hand, it recycles everything! From then on, there would always be legends about him on the road to becoming stronger!