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Reincarnated Evil Emperor

Reincarnated Evil Emperor



Publisher : babelnovel


The sixteen year old Ye Tian, when he woke up, he discovered that he had mysteriously been reborn into a parallel world. What prince? What was even worse was that there was actually a terrifying face made of yin and yang. He had the body of a child, but he was determined to gain unimaginable power. Thus, despite his young age, he had many identities. He was the hidden boss behind the world's number one super corporation, the young master of the most terrifying assassination organization, the head of the Fascist leader who unified the underworld, the young master of the most powerful intelligence organisation, the reigning ruler of the Nigerian Empire. There were many unimaginable stories happening around him. □ Group 1: 61139843 Group 2 31467381 Group 3 34380374