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Rich CEO, Don't Marry Me

Rich CEO, Don't Marry Me



Author : Shi Qi

Publisher : babelnovel


She was sent to another man's bed by her closest kin, just to get a chip for the company. Although this man had a powerful background and identity, he was a man with a handicapped pair of legs. Chu Liang became his bodyguard and stood by his side, becoming a spy. In name, he helped him take back what he lost, but in the end he stabbed him. "Three years later, Chu Liang returned with his son. Originally, he thought that they would never meet again in this life. However, after all the misunderstandings were resolved, their hearts began to gradually grow closer." Boss Fu, I have something that I want to say to you. " Fu Jinchen was displeased. "How many times have I said it? Call me by my name!" Chu Liang called out his name as he smiled, "I am truly grateful for your love and love."