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Royal Graciousness: Be the Empress

Royal Graciousness: Be the Empress

Historical Romance


Author : tong tong

Publisher : babelnovel


He was a cold and emotionless king, ruthless and cruel. He tortured her to the point where she couldn't live or die. She was originally a naive, talented girl. She hated him for forcing her, but she could not do anything about it. The warmth of the hibiscus, the love and love of the night, the imprisoning of her, she was unable to escape … What he wanted to invade was the whole of his body and mind; what he gave was Plato's love; she had nothing to rely on but to float in desire. The phoenix body was set in the sky, with one order being the last. She hated him for taking the torture and imprisoning her every night. "Without saying a word, he simply threw her into the dragon bed and kept her by his side. He hated her for not understanding his intentions and for taking every day …"