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Satisfied Female Emperor

Satisfied Female Emperor

Historical Romance


Author : yu qiu li

Publisher : babelnovel


The sky was wide with Han Yue, it was the love of a swallow in the mortal world. Although the swallow is small, it also has precious feelings. Du Weizhao, who had been reincarnated in a butcher's home, had the love of his parents. Her biggest wish was to marry a good man, pay respect to her parents, and live a normal life. However, fate was always hard to understand. She was brought to the palace as a reading companion for the princess, but she heard the Emperor say to her, "I am the Father!" Don't blame me for saying that entering the palace is not my own body. Not only must I change my name, I must also change my father! Mothers! Change mother! Not only did the emperor's father want to recognize her as his daughter, he even wanted to pass on the throne to her!