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Save the Beauty Legion

Save the Beauty Legion



Author : Yun Shi San

Publisher : babelnovel


"Chen Fei had obtained a game of cards with many beautiful women in it. As a result, his life became extremely exciting." "Sis, quickly put down the boning knife. You are Sun Xiaomei, not Sun Erniang, we do not sell meat here!" Xiao Ru, you are not one of Qin Huai's eight beauties, Kou Bai Men, so don't wear white and dance on the roof. There are hundreds of laborers downstairs who do not know how to compose poetry! " "Um … you are Qiu Qianchi from when you were young. No matter what, you still like to eat red dates without spitting any cores!" This pink little kawaii, you're from Mars, go back quickly, Earth is dangerous! " As the main character, Chen Fei felt Alexander pulling Wu Yu with his left hand and Mi Yue with his right as he pleaded, "Let me go and clear the dungeon. You guys are making so much noise every day that I'm about to collapse!"