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Scheming Prince’s Conceited Consort

Scheming Prince’s Conceited Consort

Historical Romance


Author : Tong Yanwuji

Publisher : babelnovel


In her previous life, the independent and tenacious Mu Ru Yue had been plotted by her most beloved to kill her own parents. In despair, she detonated the bomb on her body … After transmigrating, facing her father's cold attitude, as well as her sisters and aunts' frame-up, she had returned them one by one, all because she was no longer that useless trash Gu Eleven … Facing Situ Jing, whose belly was dark but was devoted to her, her steel-like heart began to slowly melt, until he met Situ Yu, who came here with her, and suffered all sorts of torture from him. The corners of his mouth curved into a bloodthirsty and beautiful smile: "Eleven, whether it is in his previous life or this one, you belong to me only …"