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Second Young Miss, Foxy Wild Doctor

Second Young Miss, Foxy Wild Doctor

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


As soon as she was born, she was framed and nearly burnt to death by her father. Fortunately, she was saved by her beautiful master. Fifteen years later, she would return for her revenge. She would turn the whole sky upside down! Gathering treasures, taming pets, marrying people, torturing dregs and becoming stronger. She didn't waste any time. Under that hidden peerless beauty, what kind of background would she have? This couple had joined hands to create a legend that would shake the world! Little Theater: Little brother-in-law: "Is sister-in-law ever afraid of my brother looking for Little San? "He has a high talent, strong strength, handsome looks, and a good figure. He has money, power, and power, as well as helpers." A certain lady squinted her eyes dangerously, "Have you discovered that there's someone outside?" His brother-in-law said in fright, "No! "Hehe, I'm curious." A certain woman laughed wickedly, "Then we will poison him to the point where he can't be considered human. Then, we will capture him again and bring him back!" A certain man approached her with a smile. "My wife, don't worry. I will only allow you to use it ~"