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Security Guard’s Romance

Security Guard’s Romance



Author : chun qiu yu gong

Publisher : babelnovel


Huang Xing is an ordinary security guard, but he is passionate about life. He was serious and responsible for his work, and was appreciated by his boss. He soon became the security captain. His wife was as beautiful as a flower, but he was very disgusted with his poverty. Soon, his wife divorced him. But another girl quietly fell in love with the hard-working and righteous Huang Xing. She created various encounters and met him many times. Finally, Huang Xing also began to like such a kind and lovely girl. His life finally started in the direction of happiness ... ☆About the Author☆ Chun Qiu Yu Gong, a well-known online novelist, has rich writing experience and superb writing ability. His novels are popular for their humorous language and delicate descriptions.