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Seduce the General to Love Me

Seduce the General to Love Me

Historical Romance


Author : Jiu Jiu

Publisher : babelnovel


The direct descendant of the General's Estate died for no reason. When she opened her eyes, she was reborn into the body of the village girl, Chu Fang'er, who shared the same surname and surname. Faced with the four walls of the mansion, there were not even two acres of land, which was cleaner than one's face. With a large family to support, Chu Fang'er had no choice but to roll up her sleeves and start earning money to support her family. He had wanted to save up enough money to return to the capital, but who would have thought that his savior would confess to him? "Is this savior a general?" "My wife, we should repay the debt of saving your life with our bodies …" "Scram!" Believe your evil! " Chu Fang'er glared at him and kicked him off the bed with her hands on his waist.