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Shadow Code

Shadow Code



Author : fei teng lie yan

Publisher : babelnovel


"If you build a plane world that belongs to the ant, then if you add vertically, build our three-dimensional world, and continue to add time, will there be true multidimensional space, and when one day your dream happens in reality the next day, will it be a real movement in another space, only our time has been displaced?" If we had such a code, we could walk into the space created by the shadow elements. Do you believe it? Is it possible that we have never understood the earth on which we live, that we are only a tiny species living on the skin of an apple, and that there is such a mysterious world in the apple core that we do not know about? "If you come with a hasty heart, give your heart a moment of patience, and follow me into a mysterious but not necessarily false world, where I may sink with you into another world and be lost!"