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Sovereign to Immortality

Sovereign to Immortality



Author : Shui Qiu

Publisher : babelnovel


Whether a person's struggle can bring about a turning point of fate? Can common trend be changed by the little guys? Yang Junshan found himself reborn. Now he is 12 years old. One year ago, Yang Junshan was evaluated as the fourth-grade qualification in the test, which is only a little better than the last grade. In the memory of his previous life, Yang Junshan practiced archery hard for a year because of his unwillingness. He insisted on going to Bai Que mountain to find the immortal items, but almost died in the dash of a fierce beast. But this time, he won't be so embarrassed. Everything will change. ☆About the Author☆ Shui Qiu, born in 1980s, is a web novelist. After graduating from university, Shui Qiu soon experienced marriage, buying a house and having a baby soon . So his evaluation of himself is "no time to experience the social practice, no feeling of the fickleness of human nature". As a bookworm, Shui Qiu gradually formed a complete view of online novels in the process of reading. Half a year later, he finally got up the courage to upload his first novel Nine Variables of Spirits, which was widely praised by readers.