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Space-time Gastronome

Space-time Gastronome



Publisher : babelnovel


Friendly tip: Don't look at it when you're hungry! "There is a fish in Darknorth. Its name is the Kun, and it is so big that it cannot be placed in a pressure cooker." "Transforming into a bird, its name is called Roc, the size of Roc, requires two grills, one secret system, one slightly spicy, and a bottle of snowflakes to allow us to charge across the horizon!" — — Xu Feng The retired mercenary Xu Feng accidentally picked up a goddess outside of the bar. He then obtained the God of Food's system, which gave him the opportunity to realize his great wish. Little Meng and Little Fresh, the Dark Loli, and the intrepid female CEO all threw themselves into Xu Feng's arms as they began their delicious journey! Absolute love style, daily average of 4 more, no top, often burst. Grinding rule, Crown plus one chapter, Sportscar 5 chapters, Villa 10 chapters!