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Spirit Vessel

Spirit Vessel



Author : Jiu Dang Jia

Publisher : babelnovel


He gave his heart but was betrayed by his favorite one. Even if he is determined to take revenge, will he really succeed? He was once the strongest of the Phoenix family, when he was famous, met an equally outstanding beautiful woman, he was obsessed with her, determined to protect her with his life. But she took him by surprise and stabbed him to death, and quickly took his place. He was unwilling, thinking that if he could live, he would take revenge on her in the same way! To his surprise, his soul was accidentally combined with a spirit vessel, which helped him to be resurrected and to cross over into the human world and become an ordinary person. He had to practice his martial arts bit by bit from the very beginning. When will he be able to return to his former position? Will his plan for revenge succeed? ☆About the Author☆ Jiu Dang Jia, an excellent online novelist, has rich plots, clear logic, and humorous language. His novels are welcomed by many readers.