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Spoiled Wife

Spoiled Wife



Author : an lian bi an hua

Publisher : babelnovel


An imperial edict bestowed upon the young lady of the Shang Dynasty the marriage of an imperial concubine. It would be a great favor to have the daughter of an imperial concubine become the official wife of the Emperor; however, the entire Shang clan and even the entire capital felt sympathy for this unheard-of young lady. There was no other reason. It was said that Duanren Emperor was fierce and merciless, that he could stop children from crying at night, and that was even worse. He had a strange fetish, which was to suck the blood of young girls and scare to death a few of Duanren Wangfei's candidates. This wasn't the worst part of it, the most important part was that King Duanren had been in bed for three months, his life and death was uncertain, and he desperately needed a bride. This person was Shen Qi. She felt that she must be the most tragic woman in the world. There was no free lunch in this world, so she had to pay a price for her whole life.