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Star Devouring Devil Disaster

Star Devouring Devil Disaster



Author : Shi Shi Shi Xin

Publisher : babelnovel


Demonic Swallowing Star, a world of demons and devils. He had crippled his own cultivation many times in order to establish his supreme immortal foundation with the determination to die. In order to resurrect the spirit of Yi Xin Academy, he would rather die than submit! Under the influence of his fearless and unyielding spirit, gradually, there were countless other Daoists echoing in the distance, indignantly rebelling, using their common goal of exterminating evil spirits and shaking the universe with their might. Finally, the stars in the universe shone and the world was at peace. He, who was unparalleled in his courage, bravely bore the heavy responsibility of bringing down the Demon Suppressing Demon. He had always put himself in a place of death, and had unhesitatingly ignored all dangers and was unyielding, just so that he could bring a ray of hope to all the peaceful beings in the world.