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Steps to Be Phoenix

Steps to Be Phoenix

Historical Romance


Author : Su Sheng

Publisher : babelnovel


In her previous life, she was framed by everyone, kicked out of the family in the name of a bastard. On the way, her brother was killed, her mother was humiliated to death, and she herself was sold as a concubine. Once again, she wouldn't repeat the same mistakes in her rebirth. In her previous life, those people who forced her into such dire straits, step by step, were all unearthed and returned ten thousand times back to her! In this life, her intelligence had spread far and wide, but she had never expected to meet a person who was even smarter than her. What? You want to propose for the first time? I, Luo Mingshi, will never be a small child, I only want one person to die! What? The first time we talked, he stole my first kiss? You hypocrite hypocrite! What? The wedding night is so hard, aren't you weak and sick and weak? What happened to those eight abs!? Wife, let's talk about this later. It's a long night, how about we make a baby first …