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Substitute Bride: CEO Have A Chance

Substitute Bride: CEO Have A Chance

Modern Romance


Author : Qing Yu

Publisher : babelnovel


After a good job cleaning the dishes, a bodyguard dressed in black brought her to a large villa, claiming that she was a daughter of the Mo family. What nonsense! How could she not know that she was the daughter of a rich second generation? After seeking confirmation, they helplessly accepted their identity. However, they were told that they could get married without any mistakes. When he got into the hands of the charming Satan, he treated her like a treasure. Only when she was pregnant with a child did he say, "Sorry, I married the wrong person!" She was furious! What the hell! He had to sleep for so long to know that he had made a mistake! He smiled bitterly. Why don't you go back to sleep? He ran away from home and returned five years later with his baby. He actually called her back urgently? She was really a vegetarian! He rushed to the house with his child. Opening the door: Wife, you're finally back! The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile. Who's your wife? You're not my wife? Then where did I get a son? Brother! Can you pick it up? It was delivered at a discount from the supermarket! Zhan Xiaobai: Mommy, am I your biological son?