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Substitute Bride: CEO's Nonstop Love

Substitute Bride: CEO's Nonstop Love

Modern Romance


Author : Nuan Bao

Publisher : babelnovel


The plot on their wedding night had made her a demon's sweetheart. Her powerless resistance was only a fiery move in his eyes. The stubbornness she was enduring made him even more bloodthirsty and ecstatic. Tang Mingyan was like a cup of poisonous wine that exuded a sweet fragrance, intoxicating people who smelled it. If they drank it, they would die. His love and hate were so great that after their lovemaking, he used to squint his fox-like eyes through all her thoughts. She had originally been a Resurrection Lily in a land of despair. Had she been provoked or bound by him? Was the poison wine and demonic flower a plot to kill each other, or was it a love that was pampered to the bones?