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Suddenly Carry Twins

Suddenly Carry Twins



Author : Hui Wu Gong De Xiao Hu Li

Publisher : babelnovel


pang xia does not go to the bar to work to transfer some living expenses, who knows to be framed unexpectedly let a person do? What? Is pregnant? He's a man! What? Twins? What? Who's the father? Come on! Is he better than anyone who wants to know who that son of a bitch is? ! Mr. Li smiled. I didn't hear who you were talking about, son of a bitch. Pang Xia: I … I was talking about Xu Jian. If it wasn't for him, how could that bastard have ended up like this?! Mr. Li nodded. "Xu Chen, do you know what to do now?" Xu Xiang bent down at ninety degrees. 'This is an oversized present called Pang Xia, already packaged with drunk wine. Please accept it with a smile, little uncle!' Mr. Li nodded his head in satisfaction. "Well done, I will reward you with the African projects. Hurry up and go!" Xu Jun was in the shape of a shooting star: Ya Yu Dian ~