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Super Medical Genius

Super Medical Genius



Publisher : babelnovel


Five hundred years ago, the most outstanding disciple under the Grand Yi Sect, Zhong Ming, was killed by the Chou Clan's leader, Ouyang Duan, while he was cultivating in seclusion. At this critical moment, Zhong Ming forced out his three souls. Thus, after his three souls had wandered around the world for hundreds of years, in the end, on a pitch-black night, they possessed a body that belonged to Zhong Wentao, who was born on the same day as the son of the next year. From then on, Zhong Wentao was no longer the diaosi Zhong Wentao. He was a genius doctor with superb medical skills. His path of life had skyrocketed. He would beat up the second generation, pick up beauties, take revenge for his blood feud, and become famous throughout the world …