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Super Power: Sweet Mind Reader

Super Power: Sweet Mind Reader

Fantasy Romance


Author : Mi Ka

Publisher : babelnovel


Zhou Yufan was clearly smiling, but his eyes were ice-cold. He couldn't see his expression clearly, and couldn't understand what he was thinking. For the first time, Yan Duoduo was curious about a man. She could see through everyone's heart, but he … No. He approached step by step, deliberately probing, and fell into his love trap. "He scrambled to escape, but was carried back before he could even step out of the doorway." "Because of your ridiculous superpower, I've become the only woman you can touch, but that doesn't mean we can be together, do you understand?" Is there a difference? "You are my woman." The female lead advises: If you meet the boss, professor, animal, beast, etc., do not be curious, do not probe, take off your heels, quickly run, otherwise