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Supreme Pill Emperor

Supreme Pill Emperor



Author : Re Xue Shao Nian

Publisher : babelnovel


A few hundred years ago, Su Ming, the rare genius of the Darkya Continent, was only twenty-six years old, yet his level of cultivation had already reached the great circle of Martial Saints. He shook the entire Darkya Continent, and was known as the strongest person in the Darkya Continent for a hundred years! However, in the face of the descent of the laws and the unforeseen fall of the divine thunder and lightning while they were cleansing the marrow, it caused an uproar throughout the entire Darkya Continent. From then on, all the powers surged with excitement and there was no more tranquility in the entire continent! After hundreds of years, Su Ming's soul awakened and was reincarnated in a useless person's body. Just what kind of waves would it cause?