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Surprising Attack to His Gorgeous Wife

Surprising Attack to His Gorgeous Wife

Modern Romance


Author : yu hui

Publisher : babelnovel


The explosion caused two people to move towards the north and south. Chen had spent three years recovering his health, but Xi had forgotten everything. Returning once again, she felt that this time, there was nothing that could stop the two of them from being together. Who knew that Xi Shuangzhe had lost his memory and became someone else's husband … The man who had once been deeply in love with her had pushed her against the corner of the wall at the wedding. He had lifted her chin with his finger, and his eyes sparkled as he said, "We feel pretty good together. How about you treat me as your mistress?" Chen Xi Wu's eyes widened as she looked at his red lips, at a loss of what to do. — — It took her three months to get used to her new identity — Xi's aunt. Watching him hug others tenderly every day, his heart could no longer bear the torment. On summer afternoons he was kissed by her with a rose in his hand: "I tell you! I'm not your aunt. I don't want to be your aunt in this life! "I am..." She swallowed the rest of her words. Who is she? He couldn't even remember.