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Sweet Wedding and Pampering Love

Sweet Wedding and Pampering Love



Author : Chen Mo

Publisher : babelnovel


She was an arrogant young lady who had been deprived of the warmth of her family since she was a child and longed for affection; he was a kind young mafia lord, but he had killed his beloved woman and made her afraid of love; by a coincidence, she had become the tutor of his son; he had doted on her as a eldest daughter, and made her happy, took care of her illness, and fought for her inheritance; she had always thought that he was the best person in the world for her; but in the end she had discovered how cruel he was to her, and he had spoiled her so much that the world thought he liked her, but he had said, I think of you only as a daughter. And it was only when the other men took her hand did he come to realize that I have not married in so many years because I was waiting for you to grow up …