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Sweet Wife: 99 Love Letters

Sweet Wife: 99 Love Letters

Modern Romance


Author : Su Luo Luo

Publisher : babelnovel


"Husband by blood, what do you think should be done if his novels don't have a hit rate?" The next day, everyone in the company stopped working. They were all reading novels on their cell phones. "My dear husband, what do you think we should do if no one is willing to act out the script that they wrote?" "My dear husband, I'm lonely and cold. Why don't you go and raise a little fresh meat for me to play with?" What? This was intolerable! A certain man pressed a certain girl down on the bed and said with an evil grin on his face, "My wife is obedient, what little fresh meat? All of it is fleeting. If I have a husband, I'll take a hundred little pieces of fresh meat myself, why don't I try it?" As far as Lu Qing was concerned, the most important thing in this lifetime, besides being a pet, was to be a pet …. Deep as the sea, only foam loved; foam deep, silent deep love.